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The Fundamentals of Computer Keyboards A computer keyboard is an input in computes that is used to enter functions and characters by simply pressing buttons. The most common uses of keyboards include things such as texts and numbers. Computers are either connected to keyboards through wireless connection or through cables. The layout in most keyboards is the same while in some the arrangement of the keys differ. These differences in arrangements could actually give types of keyboards where the most commonly used is QWERTY. This is so because it is named after the first six letters that are in the top left in the same order. QWERTY was discovered by S L Scholes who at the time was looking for the best arrangement of keys on the manual type writer. Late in the 1860s is when all this happened. It is hard to use a computer and fail to use a keyboard. Therefore there is need to learn how to use a computer keyboard. Below are some of the steps that can easily help you understand how to use a keyboard. The exercises will need you to have a document or a WordPad to write on. Even as you learn do not forget that practice makes perfect. The first thing is to take a look at your keyboard. This will help you identify the keys in the computer keyboard that are named based on what they do. Considering the arrangement some of the keyboards in laptops will be different compared to the computer keyboards. But at the end of the day these important keys will be somewhere in your laptop keyboard at the end of the day.
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The letter keys should be the first thing that you train how to use. These make the biggest part of the keyboard. To be able to change between the lower caps and the uppercase letters you can either press the letter itself or press shift then the letter without leaving the shift button. This can also be done by simply pressing the caps lock so that you don’t have to hold another button while typing yet you would need both your hands to be fast enough at times. By simply pressing backspace or delete you will be doing away with some of your mistake and this you can do it correctly by directing the cursor where you want to perform the action.
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The four arrow button can be used to navigate the cursor to wherever you want to perform an action. This is a good substitute for the mouse in terms of controlling the cursor. The number key pads in some keyboards will have to be turned on by simply pressing the Num Lock key. Whenever you want to go to the start button you can always press the windows button in the keyboard.