Platforms For Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With the introduction of the enterprise mobility solutions the performance of the business has increased a lot. This solution has also helped the companies to take the decisions quickly. It has also eliminated the manual procedures as it offers two way flow of information. Enterprise Mobility Solutions are available on the different platforms which are as follows:

BlackBerry OS Platform

BlackBerry OS is the leading Enterprise Mobility Solution platform that is used by majority of the organization as it contains the inbuilt security as well as user friendly features. These are the only two features that led to popularity of the BlackBerry OS-based mobility solutions. Mobility is at the center of BlackBerry OS, which offers a major advantage to the BlackBerry mobility devices in the enterprise environment. In most of the organizations Blackberry devices are used due to which companies deploy the mobile device management solutions only for Blackberry. Enterprise Mobility Solutions which are deployed on the BlackBerry Platform are used to provide secure access to Internet, selective wipe of data remotely etc over an enterprise network.

iPhone / iOS Platforms

The usage of iPhones/iPads has grown much due to which it has become challenging for the enterprise IT departments to extend support to Apple’s devices. The main reason of enterprises adopting the iPhone/iOS-based Enterprise Mobility solutions is the ease of uses and user friendly interface. Apple’s iPhone/iOS devices have the security features incorporated that make them unique. This iOS has the unique capability of supporting various secure Enterprise Mobility Solutions which opens new opportunities for developing the corporate applications.

Android Platform

Earlier BlackBerry OS was at the top position in the Enterprise Mobility Solutions but gradually still Google’s Android OS has gained popularity among users. The reason of the companies using the Android-based mobility solutions includes easy availability of the applications, ease of configuration and usage etc. Most of the devices are based on the Android operating system as well as the price of the devices is very economical due to which enterprises are using them. Other advantage of the Andriod OS is that it is compatible for a wide range of devices along with the Android’s robust application development.

Additional Platforms

There are some other platforms like Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and the Symbian that offer the enterprise mobility solutions. As there are not much app available for both these platforms so people don’t prefer to buy these OD devices.