Top Three Apps to Save You Money

If there is one thing which your mobile device is extremely good it, it’s providing you access to your favorite online shopping sites and apps.

However, all these apps seem to do is bring your bank account down.

While we don’t have any suggestions for apps which can magically increase your bank account, we do have some suggestions for ones which can help you to keep a hold of the money you do have.

If you like to travel and find the biggest barrier is flights and accommodation, then Skyscanner is the app for you.


  1. Skyscanner is what is known as an aggregation service. You simply tell the app where and when you want to go, and it compares hundreds of airlines against each other and provides you with the best deals, as per your filters and preferences.

This app also allows you to set up alerts. For example, if you want to book a trip in 6 months time, the app can monitor flights and alert you as flights fluctuate.

  1. If you can’t stop shopping for clothes and niceties, then Groupon is the app for you. The Groupon app helps you to take advantage of the same deals which are available online, such as the discounts on the Groupon Coupons page for Shari’s Berries. However, the coupons are kept in the user’s mobile device for redemption, as opposed to being printed.

One of the best features of this app is the way that it manages your coupons. Instead of keeping them printed out in a drawer and forgetting to bring them to your appointments, the app lets you keep everything together.

  1. For groceries and monthly items, you can’t go past Retale. Simply punch in your postcode or use the built-in location feature and you are returned with hundreds offers from current catalogs of retailers in your chosen area.

One of the many features of this app is that you can use location-aware features to find a store within walking distance and take advantage of a catalog which you may have never received.

Just because you love shopping doesn’t mean that your bank account has to run dry every month. Give these apps a try and see how much more you can buy with your new savings!