Unlocking Your Phone and Software Updates: What to Do

If you’ve been considering unlocking your phone, you’re probably familiar with many of the benefits of doing so. You’ll have the freedom to choose carriers as you wish, you’ll be able to use the phone in other countries without facing roaming charges and you’ll increase the resale value of your phone should you ever choose to upgrade. (You can always unlock that new phone as well.) However, as a longtime phone user, you’re probably used to getting random software updates and you may be concerned about how that would affect your unlocked phone. Fortunately, the answer is that it won’t affect your phone much.


Don’t Worry About It

Get the code to unlock your phone at any time, even if you know a software update is on the horizon. Enjoy the benefits of an unlocked phone immediately – a must if you decide to travel or sell the phone in a hurry and you want to increase the phone’s usefulness or value. There are codes for all the most popular brands and models of phones available for less than you think.

The Code Should Still Work

In most cases, your phone will remain unlocked even after a software update, regardless of how large an update it is, so you actually won’t have to do anything at all. Still, every time you notice the phone has updated, it’s a smart idea to check to make sure the phone is still unlocked so you’re not caught unawares when you’re relying on it to work.

If Not, Use It Again for Free

On the off chance the update does reset the phone back to being locked – and that is a possibility, as it’s impossible to know what each future update will bring – you simply need to reenter the code you’ve already purchased to instantly unlock the smartphone again. There’s no need to purchase a new code every time there’s a software update, only every time you buy a new phone make or model.

It’s much more affordable to get an unlock phone than you might think – and there are so many benefits. Contrary to what phone service providers may have you believe, you’re well within your rights as the owner of the phone to unlock it and use it without being beholden to big phone company restrictions. Unlock your smartphone and don’t worry about software updates; you’ll always be able to enjoy the benefits of an unlocked phone.