Videocon Window Ac Price And Features

Videocon is the leader in electronic products and has plenty of loyal customers who swear by the products of the company. Videocon has the most efficient Window AC available in the market. There are various models in the Videocon Window AC that can provide the most efficient cooling system and help you go through the summers in a happy mood. You will now the summers more with the Videocon AC. One can choose the machines according to the room size; a large room needs an AC with a larger capacity and a smaller room with less capacity. They are sturdy and durable and go on for years without any kind of maintenance.

The new Videocon VPW 52.12 Ton and 1 ton Window ac price is 19,000 and is an efficient machine that gives energy efficiency ratio 2.80 w/w. The Power consumed is 230 volts. The other features are the auto air swing, on/off timer, auto restart, anti bacteria filter, sleep mode and dehumidification. It is a very good looking machine that can fit well to the window of the room and is the best one for cooling the room. You can also try the Videocon VEW 612 ton, 1.5, 1.0, 0.75 ton window AC that will cost around Rs. 22,990 approximately and provides an energy efficiency ratio of 2.33 W/W and power supply of 230 volts. The features equipped in the AC are the auto air swing, auto restart, anti bacteria filter, sleep mode, de-odorizing filter and dehumidification.

For the price of around Rs. 9,900, you get the Videocon VAW 1022 0.8 ton window ac, which has a rotary compressor and energy efficiency ratio of 10.45 along with 2 fan speeds. The body is anti corrosion and is also provided with a remote control that is built with digital control panel. The features are sleep mode, auto restart and the timer. The machine is equipped with 20 micron filter that helps in eliminating harmful bacteria and air pollutant. The body is well protected from air, water and corrosive agents. The VA 1001 DXI is a 0.8 ton window ac and is priced reasonably at Rs. 9,750 and has various features as well. It provides great cooling and is sufficient for any mid-size bedroom. The remote control has many features and makes using the ac convenient and easy from anywhere.

Check out the VA 1201 DXI I ton ac priced at Rs. 10,900, which has features like auto restart, timer, sleep mode etc. The remote controller has digital panel with display. The machine is built to suit any decor and provides excellent cooling facility.

The Videocon Window AC price list is reasonable and you can find one that suits your budget.