Doing Cartridges The Right Way

To Refill or Not To Refill Ink Cartridges

Many ink refilling stations has popped up from nowhere like mushrooms over the past several years. Instead of throwing away an empty cartridge and totally buying a new one, these ink refilling stations simply refill the ink cartridge that is empty. There are even ink refilling shops that sell a do it yourself ink refill kit.

Refilling an ink cartridge has attracted instead of buying one has attracted a lot of consumers. Ink refilling is way cheaper that buying an original cartridge. Can refilling ink cartridges go wrong?

Whey are ink refills preferred by consumers than replacement cartridges? It is cheaper to get ink refills than replacement cartridges. Buying replacement cartridges are over fifty percent more in cost than having an empty cartridge refilled.
The Beginners Guide To Inks (Chapter 1)

Here is why you should go for ink refills than replacement cartridges.
What Do You Know About Options

Inkjet printers work well with ink refills. Liquid ink of colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta are used through a inkjet printer. Ink refilling companies promise quality ink refills. Ink refilling allows one to recycle an empty cartridge which is helpful to mother nature. Ink cartridges are made of plastic materials and when disposed it is added to the non-biodegradable items. You actually help mother nature minimize its waste when you have an ink cartridge refilled thrice or more.

You will not want to have your laser printer ink cartridges refilled. Ink refilling companies conducts substandard refilling measures on ink cartridges for laser printers. Do not think of getting your laser ink cartridge refilled as it will damage your printing device.

How is ink refilling done? Gather the materials needed to refill a ink cartridge. A printer ink is what you basically need to do the refill. Ink refill shops sell printer inks. A syringe is necessary to get your empty cartridge refilled. Consider to get a syringe with a smaller needle. Keep the empty ink cartridge close at hand.

After you have gathered the materials, you have to find the black spot of the cartridge. The ink can be injected through a hole that is under the black spot. It’s as simple as drawing ink into the syringe and slowly injecting it into the empty cartridge.

Do not draw ink into the syringe too quickly otherwise it would produce bubbles. Bubbles in your ink cartridges will cause air gaps. They block your ink cartridge.

Refilling an ink cartridge can get pretty messy. You will need tissue paper.