Exotic island borders Indonesia

  1. Lagoi Beach


The beach is famous for miniature Lagoi Singapore. Why says miniature Singapore? Because of the first, to visit Lagoi Beach you have to pay with the currency SGD. Stone – granite still decorate the beach in the tourist area of bintan island beach. Lagoi Beach is very similar to a beach on the island of Bali, where almost the same facilities available at the beach – Bali. Such as discotheques, spas, golf courses, and resorts – resorts. Lagoi Beach dealing directly with the State of Singapore and Malaysia.

  1. Biting Island

If you visit the island of Bintan, not complete it if you do not visit the island Biting. The island, located not far from the town of Tanjung Pinang, can be reached only with 15 minutes to cross the ocean by using motorboat. Biting on the island, standing with a magnificent Masjid Raya Sultan Riau with the construction of the mosque that takes up to 40 years. This is the mosque with the uniqueness that does not exist elsewhere. The walls of the mosque were made with egg white adhesive. The mosque building yellow and green has even been seen from afar while on the boat before approaching the island.

  1. Island Senggarang

Senggarang Island is almost the same as the island is only Biting Biting island culture and Muslim culture while on the island is residential Senggarang Chinese descent. Most who stopped to Senggarang Island are the tourists from Singapore for the purpose of worship. Around the island, there is a variety of heritage Senggarang a Chinese society. Heritage is including temples, statues of Gods and confidence in the island Senggarang. Some historical relics that include Temple Sung Te kong, Marco temple, Temple Tay Ti Kong, Banyan Temple and Temple Anio.

  1. Grounded Island Sand “White Sands Island”

Cross briefly from Bintan Island no bare sand or better known as White Sand Island which is about 15-20 minutes by speedboat from the village of mangrove bay. On this island, tourists can do snorkeling, diving or just relax on the coast.

  1. Mangrove Forests

Along the green river and meandering among the mangrove, scenery left and right will make you feel calm. The sound of water adds fresh rhythm that led to the sphere of the unconscious. Besides mangrove you can see, some animals such as monkeys, birds, snakes you’ll see the occasional emerged from mangrove leaves. This ship is ready to take you.

  1. Crystal Lagoon

Crystal lagoon is the largest pool in South East Asia is currently located on the waterfront. Size Crystal Lagoon itself at 6.4 hectares and has a spectacular view beautiful when seen from the air. A total of 115.06 million liters of water is needed to fill the pool that was built on the waterfront. Water used was derived from sea water that has been through a process of distillation so, the color is very clear. In addition to Crystal lagoon you can swim in a pool that big, you can also play water sports such as Boat Ride, Kayak, fly board, and several other water sports.